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Jesus says "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by me."

To become a Christian and a child of God we need to understand some basic facts:

1. We are all sinners and deserve God's judgement and eternal punishment. (see John Chapter 3)

2. God sent His only dear Son, Jesus who died for us and took our penalty upon Himself. He rose again from the dead on the third day so that we too may have new Life in Him and we will live with Him forever.

3. We may be saved by faith by receiving all that Jesus did for us and believing in Him and accepting Him into your heart and life. This is a provision of God's grace.

4. Having done this we should continually yield our lives to Him so that God can work out His best plan in and for our lives and use us for His honour and glory. (see Jeremiah Chapter 29, vs. 10, 11)

If you understand this and you want to receive Jesus into your life please talk to God now and say this prayer from your heart....

A Sinner's Prayer

Dear God. You are the most high God and I know I am a sinner deserving Your punishment. I believe that You sent Your only dear Son, Jesus, to die for me on a horrible cross and take my punishment upon Himself so that I may be free from sin and guilt and its penalty. As Jesus gave His sinless life for me, so I now give my sinful life to You so that the precious Blood of Jesus may wash me and cleanse me. I now accept Jesus into my heart and life by faith. Thank You dear Jesus, for saving me and making me a child of God. Thank You that I can now call God my Father and that I belong to You eternally. I will live for You every day of my life and trust You always. Thank You for You great love for me. I love You, my Lord Jesus. You are my Saviour and Lord. Amen.


Dear friend, now that you have received Jesus into your heart and life may we welcome you into God's Family. You are now a part of His Body worldwide and He will never, ever leave you. That is His personal Promise!

You have now given Him your life and you are His responsibility. Do not worry about anything but give Him your burdens so that He can work out the perfect solution. Let Him do it and you will be amazed at the answers. Know this, Jesus paid the full price for you. Nobody can take that away, ever. You are His and you are His beloved. Sin separated us from relationship and intimacy with God, but praise His Name, Jesus has opened the door for us to again have fellowship with God, just like He wanted it to be from the start when He first made man and woman. So, spend time getting to know God better each day. Learn about Him from His holy Word, the Bible. Let the Holy Spirit teach you and change you into what God planned you to be so that you may bring much glory and praise to His Name.

You will need to read His Word daily and share your life with Him and also listen to Him. Please help yourself to the many free resources on this website. If you have questions you are welcome to contact us. We would love to hear from you and help you in any way we can. We will certainly pray for you. The "Foundation Study" is very good and balanced teaching for new Christians and we recommend you study this carefully. When you are more advanced we suggest you also study some of the books on the website. These will help you to know who you are in Jesus and how you can move powerfully in the Spirit of God. If you will trust Him you will experience miracles and witness amazing things for His glory and for a sign to others so that they also may believe in Jesus.

STEPS: The Christian life is one of growth in the knowlege of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will need to follow our Lord's example and identify with His death and resurrection by being water baptised in full immersion. This is in obedience to Him and as a witness to others of God's grace on your life. You should also be baptised in the Holy Spirit of God so that you may receive power from God and operate in the Gifts of the Spirit. (see the Book of Acts and what amazing things happened when the Holy Spirit came upon men and women and children.)

WARNING! Please beware and vigilant of false gods and teachings (such as Falun Gong and anything or anyone that contradicts the Word of God). There are many traps set by the devil to try and snare you so that he can finally destroy you. (That is his plan for all of us and many are doomed to destruction because they are not aware that they are on the road to eternal hell.) Stay close to God. Read His Word. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Fellowship with other believers who are also saved, like you, and who genuinely love the Lord and His Word. Be sure to always put God and His purposes first in all things. Remember, if you are full of God than nothing else can come in and lead you astray.

Last, you have received great grace and the Way of salvation. Jesus has come into your life and set you free from sin and all its penalties. Many, many people are bound up in sin, sadness and hopelessness and heading for destruction, unless ........ unless someone can point them to Jesus who is "The Way, The Truth and The Life" and by whom we can safely come to the Father, our Maker. It is a privilege to share this very Good News (The Gospel) with many others who desperately need Him. Jesus also told us to GO and share this Good News and not to keep it all to ourselves. To help you do this, we have free Tracts available on this website to help you share the Gospel with many others. You may download these, copy them, print them or tell others about this website so they can look for themselves. Then, please pray with us that many, many will come to Jesus and find abundant, new Life in Jesus.

Please contact us so that we may offer you further encouragement. God bless you.

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