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How You can GO on YOUR exciting China Trip ...

    Tips for Go-ing ....

OK, I really wanna GO on an exciting Outreach Trip in Asia ...... Where do I start?
I'm glad you asked. Following are some good tips on 'mobilizing' for Your Trip of a Lifetime.
The important thing to remember is this: "The Parable of the Sower"
Yes, it is easy to get all excited when you hear great testimonies from those that have been on a Mission's Adventure, and now You want to go also.
Well, it is all about being a "Do-er of the word". Dreaming or 'thinking about it' will not get you to your Mission must act.....Now!
GO-ing implies "MOVING".
If You want to GO You must start! How?

1. Ask, "Why do I want to GO?" And, "How much do I want to GO?" If the answer is positive and determined, then ....

2. Get Your passport Application Form from [Australia] Post Office and complete it.

3. Get information about China. (Check a good Atlas, ask questions, especially visit China Missions organization websites, etc.)

4. Read Christian books (see our website for recommended books), especially "Lilies Amongst Thorns", "Bold As A Lamb", etc.

5. Get our FREE "China Prayer Map" and Newsletters and DAILY start praying for China and the dear Chinese people.

6. Do you have the money to GO? Yes, this is also God's responsibility when He sends You. (and those who SEND You!)
But, You must prove Your commitment to Him! (and others)
You must demonstrate Your resolve to take the Gospel to lost Chinese people.
God (and others) must witness Your 'Attitude' and dedication to Your commitment.
* If You are a housewife with no extra income then take on something extra. (Ironing, car washing, baby-sitting, part-time cleaning, a junkmail run to also get/keep you fit whilst being paid something for it, or mentor/coach a needy student)
* If you are a man with a job, then ask for overtime, or mow someone's lawn regularly, or organize car-washes on busy Saturday mornings, or deliver annual phonebooks, help someone set up their internet or computer, etc.
* If you are a teenager and really wanna GO then you could easily wash Dad's car weekly. Do the neighbour's car(s) also, regularly. You could easily take on a papers or 'junkmail' run. (I do this and it pays for several trips to China a year!) 
* And, to ALL of You.....sacrifice a meal once a week and put the money savings in Your "China Trip" account!
* I have a box for loose change/coins. It's amazing how the amount adds up over the months! We can all easily do this.
* A Trip Fund raiser BBQ may be another good way to further save for Your Mission Trip of a Lifetime to China!

There is no stopping a committed person who has God on his side!

Oh, You want more ideas to raise support?  Just contact us.

You have some good ideas?  Please, just contact us so we can help others GO and save souls!

One thing is dead-certain.......
if You start putting some money INTO A TARGET SAVER ACCOUNT REGULARLY then You can be CERTAIN of GO-ing, whether next month, next year or in 5 years' time........but, You are Go-ing, and You will!
(You may like to further enquire with your Bank about this. Or, we can recommend the following:
         * ING Online Saver Account (works with your own Bank account. Good interest rates and safe.)
         * Westpac have some good Savings options, and also a great Credit-card/Frequent Flyers Program that will give
             you even more  effective ways to save for your Trip(s).
            (NOTE:   use Creditcards to YOUR advantage. Pay them off automatically at the end of the month!!)
         * We use QANTAS Frequent Flyers Program extensively together with our Westpac creditcards to get free flights!)

# Do NOT take out a Lottery ticket" 'by faith'.    With God NOTHING happens by 'chance'!
# Do not start up with eg.'Amway' or some other 'Way' and "I'm gonna make a fortune so I can GO".
# Do NOT "pass the hat" around soliciting donations from your church, etc. God is the Giver of ALL good things! Seek Him. (Matt. 6:33)      Go-ing must "cost You something" and you must excercise Faith in God, who is your Provider.
It cost Jesus ALL He had to save You, so, 'freely You have received, now freely give." (Matt 10).

Prepare Your budget and Plan.....on paper! Get Your Pastor or a trusted, mature friend to work with You on this.
Monitor this Plan monthly.
Trust God to honour Your commitment, and He will. Watch for it and be encouraged. He is faithful.

7. PRAY, PRAY for China.....DAILY......Please. The forces of darkness are vying and contending for Chinese souls.
Ask God to reveal His Heart for the many lost in China. (Be Careful, do not do this lightly!)

8. Associate with those that have been, or are interested in China Missions.
Meet together, Share together, Pray together. Work together.

9. Organize/encourage Your Church to be a 'MissionVision Church' and to sponsor someone to 'represent the Fellowship' on a Mission Trip.  (as a blessed option, not as an obligation!)

10. Oh, you are in a wheelchair?  Well, we know of someone in a wheelchair who went, also someone blind! 8 years old, with their parents. The oldest person who went was 84 years young!

There is no stopping a person with a 'MissionVision' for the lost.
Love finds a way!

In a recent Trip to China, God showed me that He had gone before us and we were simply following in His 'wake'.
Then He showed me a long corridor......with ALL the doors wide open for us to simply go through. (Which we did!)
You may use this handy calculator with Your China Trip planning

Please visit again soon ...
Please visit again soon...

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