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China Travel Planning

  • 1. Please let us know of Your intentions. Next: Start 'GO-ing' today. If you do not have a passport then apply for one. Your local Post Office or Immigration Department will be able to help. Don't wait till the last minute to arrange your passport. Do not arrange your visas at this stage.

  • 2. Get some good books about China and get to know the Country and culture. It pays to be informed about the land you will take the Gospel to. Check out a good Atlas and discover more about China and its amazing topography. Encyclopaedia articles are also helpful. (For Christian books recommendations see our "Shop Page")

  • 3. Pray! Pray with others interested in China and by Yourself, on a regular basis. We do not go on some 'holiday' but we GO, in obedience, to save thousands of precious souls. Our hearts and priorities must be right. (See our "Prayer Meeting" page also)

  • 4. Subscribe to our Newsletter and other Newsletters about China. (See our "Links" page for some good contacts, such as H K Revival Church.)

  • 5. Plan Your Trip to China. Share this with Your close friend, Pastor, etc. and have regard for their feedback. Remember, unfortunately not everybody has (or wants) the 'MissionVision", so they may not be able to relate to Your excitement. That's OK. Keep close to God. We must follow Him and His Word and that is what really counts. You are embarking on a great Adventure with the Holy Spirit! Many, many will be saved because of the Lord working in and through You.

  • 6. Contact Your Travel Agent several (3-6) months before You GO and plan Your travel and Insurance [and Visa, if required.] (We can recommend some VERY good Contacts to You that may save You $$)

  • 7. When you get our "Training Manual" be sure to carefully and thoroughly study it. This book is compiled from the collective experience of many who have been before. It will teach and train you in all aspects of China Travel and on getting around in the great land of China. You should learn the 'rules' for a successful Trip and follow the instructions. You must also be prepared to follow directives and work to an intinerary. This is a 'Team Effort' and we must all work together.
    The Training Manual is, and remains, our property and it must be returned to us BEFORE each Trip to China. You may not keep it, or copy it.
    You will also receive a 'Chinese Phrase booklet'. We have put this together over the years to help "anyone" go on a good China trip. You must always carry this with you in China and use it everywhere, unless you can speak Chinese and know the culture. You should never give it to the Chinese, as it contains material in it ("Sinners Prayer", etc.) that will 'blow your cover'. There may also be other Booklets we may give you. Before you go, study all of these materials and BE FAMILIAR WITH THEM ........ especially the 'Phrase Book'.

  • 8. Contact us asap so we can help arrange "Training/Orientation" information and Trip requirements and plan Your intinerary. This is very important! DO NOT make any decisions or arrangements without contacting us about it first and getting our OK. If you don't, you will have to make your own way to China. We can not help you undo your blunders. So, please stay in touch with us, especially if there are any changes to Your trip plans.

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