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China Outreach Adventure Opportunities



    Every day in China there are 60,000 babies born (even with the "One Child Policy") and close on 15,000 Chinese who pass away.
    After you read this page (about 5 minutes), 208 new Chinese babies will have been born and 52 dear Chinese will have passed away.
    Just stop for a moment to consider in your heart their destiny. Were they saved?
    Did they hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ or not? Where are they now?

    This is why we as Christians identify with, and possess a mandate from the Lord given directly after His resurrection to
    "GO into all the world and preach the Gospel" (Mark 16:15)
    To implement this command in China is of utmost importance to us.
    This is why we have taken the time to write these pages to you, praying to the Lord of the harvest to raise up labourers, which is our need as a ministry for China.
    The Bible clearly states that "God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,
    that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

    We believe the Lord has provided an effectual open door for us through a strategy of
    comprehensive 'Mass Tracts Distribution' and effective follow-up.


    The Tracts distribution program has already seen over 25 millions tracts (as at October 2001)
    strategically placed into millions of homes and locations all over the country.
    When you come you can distribute up to 2,000 pieces of literature into 2,000 homes in one night.
    Each outreach trip goes for about 2 weeks, which enables you to distribute 20,000 tracts into dozens of cities and large towns.
    This makes Your time here very productive indeed!

  • A Letter from China

    DATE: March '98 ( This tract was distributed 5 years previously)
    Mr.Chen writes, "The other day I paid a visit to one of my friends. While I was in his home I happened to notice a Gospel tract gathering dust on a shelf in his small living room. I asked Lingao, my friend, if I could take it. On the back I have found your address so I have taken the liberty to write and ask for more information about Christ and request a free Bible."


    Another Letter from China

    DATE: August '97
    Guangzhou City
    Mr.Li writes, "I am a thirty year old Chinese citizen. Under peculiar circumstances I received your Gospel tract. After obtaining it I have read it from cover to cover many times, as I want to know God. Please send me more materials about Jesus to help me further. Thank you."

    Is God strirring Your heart for China?
    With well over 1 billion souls why would He not for He is not willing that ANY should perish. God wants to ignite a "China Flame" in your heart that will not be extinguished, regardless. He will stir and motivate open hearted, committed and willing Christians like yourself for this great, end-time harvest.
    This is an opportunity you cannot miss out on!
    Close on 100% of people who work with us for about 2 weeks go home with a heart burning to come back for another trip into another province into more unreached cities and homes.
    This is an opportunity of a lifetime to reach 10,000, 25,000, even 50,000 or 60,000 dear Chinese for Christ.

    Can you come? With this type of decision towards an outreach trip to China you can't go wrong!
    We are ready to support you with all the necessary means and training for you to reach millions of homes with the Gospel and be part of an enormous harvest!
    But we desperately need your hands-on help to fulfill the task before us.
    It can be done and it IS being done!
    We really look forward to seeing you soon and will do our best to make Your trip a trip of a lifetime.
    'Anyone' can do it: we have had all ages from 12 to 84.
    For 2 weeks to a month all you need is from $450 to $650 US. This covers accommodation, transportation, food and incidental expenses. Plus your return air ticket.
    There is an urgency in these end-times and many souls are perishing without Christ.

    Testimony from Mark, Oct'97, Adelaide, Australia
    "Tract distribution has hardened my feet, but softened my heart."


    Other very important aspects of the strategies that the Lord has given are in the Follow-up,
    Correspondence courses, Training and Supply of Materials to the new and established believers in China.
    These include solid Christian books, Bibles and also DVD Bible Schools, which are in great demand and extremely effective .
    There is considerable work and time involved in producing, printing and distributing these essential materials.
    and we rely on people like You to assist us in this huge, but rewarding task.
    Further participation can be by sponsoring a Chinese pastor, purchasing a bike for a Chinese evangelist,
    investing in an orphanage and even providing a DVD Bible School to the Chinese believers.
    The cost for a DVD player, TV and 94 hours of sound teaching on DVDs is only $500.
    We are also on the internet with Chinese outreach and training materials and even Chinese eBibles and eBooks
    that can be easily downloaded, copied, printed and distributed anywhere!

    Truly the Lord is doing amazing things to reach the lost by whatever means.

  • The biggest revival in history is still taking place in China today.
    The dear Chinese people are hungry and searching for the Truth.

    We are interested in working 'togather' with you (not a spelling error), and Reach & Teach the lost in China.
    This is very much a Team effort and we welcome and call upon all the Body of Christ to network with us, as a matter of urgency, in order to see China won to the Lord Jesus in our day and generation.

    Please contact us for more details today, and may God bless you.

    The Great China Wall at Badaling. The dear Chinese people need to hear the Gospel! Please come....

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