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Investing in highly effective China Minstries

Dear Friends,

Please consider investing any amount in this highly effective ministry:
Example: Over 80% of our GospelTracts are picked up and read; over 17% come to the Lord and over another 43% come to the Lord over the next months. They take and share the Tracts with others everywhere, and the multiplication continues on, indefinitely!
To date (Dec 2001) some 30 Millions Tracts have been sown all over China.
Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

( * CLICK to see Brother Jun's wonderful testimony. )

Tens of thousands of precious souls from "the uttermost parts" are coming into the Kingdom and the China Revival is continuing in an awesome way.

We increasingly need more funds for effective outreach, materials and resources production, training and equipping, strategizing and mapping, general overheads, travel and accommodation.
Also, many willing labourers are wanting to GO but have not sufficient funds yet.
These people must be "sent".

You can easily and safely transact from anywhere in the world using your creditcards and the convenient PayPal facilities.

Just click on the PayPal sign below and follow the simple instructions to 'Send Money'.

We thank you for your generosity and fellowship in the Gospel.
..... truly great 'returns' and eternal rewards can be expected.
Be certain of that fact! And may God bless you.

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Thank you for investing in precious souls in China

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