Please, Please Pray for China's billions ....

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One of China's gods .... 'Maoism' is rampant \

            in China!
In Asia EVERY SECOND someone slips into eternity ...
Awesome China Outreach Adventures

We are a committed group of International Christians (the Body of Christ) who love and trust the Lord Jesus Christ and who identify with His great love and burden for the lost, especially the dear Chinese people.

The Spirit of God has prepared the People's Republic of China for a time such as this and He has opened and effectual open door for us to reap an enormous harvest of precious souls for His Kingdom. He has led and given us powerful strategies to reach out to literally millions. Scores of thousands are being snatched from eternal darkness on a daily basis! This is our mighty God at work in these end-times, before the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ and we are so glad to be involved in this awesome, end-time in-gathering.

God has spared nothing in preparing hungry hearts in China to receive the Gospel unto salvation. He is waiting........ Lost, precious Chinese souls are waiting....... For us, you and me, to mobilize, GO and reap an incredible harvest, which is in danger of becoming 'over-ripe' and spoiling. The Chinese people are searching, and we have The Answer. Can we keep this to ourselves, at our peril?

Friends, if you feel your heart stirring, don't ignore it any longer. Do something for God and for a people group He deeply cares about and died for. We have the Words of Life and the Spirit of God, so let's be about our Father's Number One Business. If God be for us, who can be against us?

There are many opportunities to serve. We specialize in facilitating short, medium and longer-term outreaches and equipping of the believers. You will experience life changing adventures that will bring you closer to God and His purposes.

Please browse this website and prayerfully consider being involved in some way.

Most of all, please, please continue to pray for China.

* Click Here for 'Ways and Means' on how to do Your exciting China Adventure Trip ...

:: Latest Updates ::

- Click for the NEWS -

September, 2005 - Just returned from 5 weeks' of totally awesome 'Bible Courier' work. Got SO MUCH done, as the Holy Spirit guided and gave 'green-lights' through many wide-open doors! Can't wait for the next Adventure trip! PTL! If you have upheld us please contact us for a trip Report copy.

25/07/2004 - We have just returned from exciting 'Bible Courier' work and also Mass Tracts evangelism throughout much of Hunan Province. Again, God was faithful and with us in all we did. If you have upheld us (Thank You All!) please contact us for a trip Report copy.

25/07/2003 - We have just returned from very worthwhile 'Bible Courier' work and some tract evangelism into China. Again, God was faithful and with us in all we did. If you have upheld us (Thank You All!) please contact us for a trip Report copy.

12/07/2002 - We have just returned from a great Outreach trip through 60% of Guizhou Province. God was truly with us. If you have upheld us please contact us for a trip Report copy.

16/1/2002 - 'Bao' and 'Ping' have just returned from an awesome Outreach trip through Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang Provinces and up to busy Shanghai. If you have upheld us please contact us for a trip Report copy.

November 2005 - Next Outreach Trip is being planned right now for late March/early Aprol 2006. Here is YOUR opportunity of a lifetime to be involved in the salvation and sustenance of tens of thousands of precious Chinese souls. The Chinese fields are white unto harvest! Are YOU ready? - THEY are!!
Contact us with your expressions of interest today.

30/1/2002 - Watch this website for a powerful New Feature soon...a 'Please Pray for China' interactive, online Prayer Meeting site.

30/1/2002 - URGENT! Wanted....'Donkeys for Jesus' to take Bibles, etc. into China. Do day-trips (a few hours) or go inland and also see beautiful China. If you are in Hong Kong for any amount of time or just passing through please help and bless the dear Chinese people with urgently needed Bibles. Please contact us for more details.

30/1/2002 - Please click DAILY on the above 'Donate Bibles' link and bless underground Christians in closed countries. (or do as we did and copy the link into your web browser start page! It's easy.)

9 Feb 2002 - Contact us for Your FREE 'Please Pray for China Wall Map'

Please check regularly for news & updates.